April 27, 2011

Gmail New Feature: Send email in background

There is a new feature in Google Gmail, Which enables to send email in background. This feature available in Google Labs. Users can work other tasks while email is being sent. Once your turn it on from the Google labs settings you can get on with what you are doing while Gmail quietly sends off your mail in the back ground. You can keep reading your inbox, compose new messages, chat with people. You can even send more than on message in the background at the same time.

Source: Gmail Blog

April 16, 2011

Google’s SEO Starter Guide

Google has updated its Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide, now available in ten more languages. This is an official 32-page detailed guide on SEO from Google which covers important topics on SEO that are very helpful for new webmasters. The new version of guide has updated content and describes best practices for mobile websites. It discusses effective ways to optimize the SEO and content of site, thus to improve your sites’ interaction with both user and search engines and make it easier for search engines to crawl, index and understand your content.

Download SEO Starter Guide Here