July 28, 2010

Google Planning to Build Facebook Rival

Google is planning to build a social-networking service which could compete with Facebook. The Wall Street Journal reported.

Playdom Inc, Electronic Arts Inc. 's Playfish and Zynga Game Network Inc (company in which Google recently took a financial stake) are the top developers to with whom Google has been in discussions to offer their games on a new service Google building. 

Google's partnership with Zynga was reported earlier by the blog TechCrunch. Zynga is currently the leader in the fast-growing social gaming space with over 230 million monthly active users of its games, which include "FarmVille," "Mafia Wars" and "Treasure Isle."

Facebook growth is potential threat to Google. Over the past year, several former Google executives who ran the company's core advertising business left to work for Facebook. 

Facebook, now with over 500 million users, sells advertising on its own site. But speculation is growing that it could launch an advertising network across other sites, rivaling Google's ad network AdSense.

The Journal said Google's push into social games is an effort to capture users and advertising dollars that are increasingly flowing to social networks like Facebook.

"Google Me" might be Google's new social network.

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