July 7, 2010

Google to Push Android OS in India and China

Do not even think that Android-based smartphones have always been expensive mobile devices. As a matter of fact, your notions can be changed. It turns out that Google is going to push the Android OS on low-cost mobile devices in the markets of China and India. 
Vice president of Engineering at Google, Andy Rubin revealed in his recent interview that the down-market opportunity can happen. It can be regarded as a revolution. In order to reach this dream, Google facilitates the way for app developers to accept payments from apps and offer subscriptions so as to make more money from Android. Such handset manufacturers as LG and Huawei are planning to take advantage of the Android OS.

Actually, such a move comes after it was revealed that Android is ready to pip iOS of Apple sometime in 2012 in order to become the second most popular mobile operating system in the world being behind Symbin OS of Nokia.

Source:  Freshnews.in

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