September 27, 2010

Project 10^100 Winners

Thousands of people from more than 170 countries submitted over 150,000 ideas. Final list is out. Following are the projects which got funded by Google under Project 10^100.
Idea: Make educational content available online for free
Project funded: The Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organisation that provides high-quality, free education to anyone, anywhere via an online library of more than 1,600 teaching videos. We are providing $2 million to support the creation of more courses and to enable the Khan Academy to translate their core library into the world’s most widely spoken languages.
Idea: Enhance science and engineering education
Project funded: FIRST is a non-profit organisation that promotes science and maths education around the world through team competition. Its mission is to inspire young people to be science and technology leaders by giving them real-world experience of working with professional engineers and scientists. We are providing $3 million to develop and jump-start new student-driven robotics team fundraising programmes that will empower more student teams to participate in FIRST.
Idea: Make government more transparent
Project funded: Public.Resource.Org is a non-profit organisation focused on enabling online access to public government documents in the United States. We are providing $2 million to Public.Resource.Org to help bring legal materials of the United States online, so that they are accessible to all.
Idea: Drive innovation in public transport
Project funded: Shweeb is a concept for short-to-medium-distance, urban personal transport, using human-powered vehicles on a monorail. We are providing $1 million to fund research and development to test Shweeb’s technology for an urban setting.
Idea: Provide quality education to African students
Project funded: The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) is a centre for maths and science education and research in Cape Town, South Africa. AIMS’ primary focus is a one-year bridging programme for recent university graduates that helps build skills and knowledge prior to Masters and PhD study. We are providing $2 million to fund the opening of additional AIMS centres to promote graduate-level maths and science study in Africa.

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